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Meet the team: Jan-Marc Pickhan

You can find Jan-Marc on LinkedIn, here.

1. Who are you? What’s your background?

Jan-Marc Pickhan, Dipl. Economic Engineering, is an entrepreneur by passion is an expert when it comes to strategic business growth. He started his career in management as Supply Chain Manager Europe in an international company. In more than 10 years in management positions and with a responsibility for worldwide projects valued at more than 150 million Euros, he gained a vast experience in the field of structured and process-oriented business building. Meanwhile he is active in the field of corporate restructuring and succession planning. In his consulting roles, he uses his well-founded expertise combined with a wealth of pragmatic knowledge of success. He knows how to focus on the "quick wins" and how to convey the essential content in a practical and easy-to-implement way. True to his motto "Just because no one has done it yet, doesn't mean it can't be done", he encourages people to act instead of react.

2. What do you do at Allied Global Engineering?

I'm overseeing the German site of the acquisitions. On top of that, I am an operations expert helping to improve the manufacturing processes, develop processes and systems that allow businesses to grow in a structured way. I love empowering people to grow by providing them the resources and tool they need to succeed.

3. What excites you about the Manufacturing/Engineering industry?

Seeing things coming together. Machines make our everyday life easier and better. I believe in the future of this industry. Manufacturing and engineering businesses excite me, as they bring man and machine together to produce products that improve the world. That enable energy infrastructure, that build construction machines, build cars, move people.

4. What manufacturing/engineering technology would you like to see invented?

It's already there, 3D Printing has the potential to revolutionise the Supply Chain Infrastructure. Making things where they are needed has a big potential in cutting up waste, improving the environmental footprint and the cost of goods for customers.

5. Tell us a random fact about yourself 👀.

I love a good burger. My favourite is IN-and-OUT Burger in California, where I lived for 5 months in San Francisco back in 2007.


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