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Values are THE Base of Operational Excellence

For most people, Operational Excellence means Processes, Procedures and Standardization. You must start way earlier if you want to start the journey towards excellence.

Start with your core values. And by that, I don’t mean with the values you might have put on a wall. Your core values determine most of your actions and behaviours, and the same is true for your team.

To find out how many processes, procedures etc. you need and where they will have the biggest impact on you and your team. One of the mistakes I see very often is: “We need processes!” – the real meaning is more like – “We think processes will compensate for incompetent people!”

It is often the approach to fix something that seems to be broken or in disarray that convinces companies to introduce stricter processes and stricter values.

Imagine you would work in a company where there is no thinking required, no decision. Every little thing is written down, no decision to be made, every decision is determined by a process or procedure.

Would you find such a place an inspiring workplace?


Imagine you would work in a company with like-minded people, all driven by the same values as you. Do you think they would do something you would not?

Would you love to work in such a workplace?

Maybe you can see the difference already. Processes and Procedures are important, but why we put them is important in the first place. If you can check the following boxes, you are on a good path:

1. Have you ever done a test to determine your core values?

2. Do you know/remember your core values?

3. Does your company have core values?

4. Has your company communicated its core values?

5. Do you remember them without reading them?

6. If you ask 10 people do they know them?

7. Do your and the company’s core values overlap?

8. Do people including yourself act according to the values in daily operations?

Bonus question: If the values are communicated, are they explained so that everyone has a shared understanding of what a value like “Customer first” means?

When this is clear, and everyone is in alignment with it then we can start the process and procedure journey. As it will be clear what needs to be regulated, how tight it should be regulated or what language should be used.

In this case, the processes and procedures will help you and your team to produce reliable, consistent results without hindering them from growing and going the extra mile.

You want to start your journey or accelerate your journey on Operational Excellence, get in contact with Allied Global Engineering/UKBCP and together we can build the perfect model for you.

PS: In case you are wondering these are the core values of our Operational Expert Jan-Marc. If you share some of them, there is a good chance he can help you.

Achievement – Accountability – Loyalty – Authenticity – Curiosity


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