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Meet the team: Bethan Jepson

You can find Bethan on LinkedIn, here.

1. Who are you? What’s your background?

As an unemployable graduate of a red-brick university, I'm not sure what my background is to be honest! I have a masters degree in environmental science and then went into my Dad's business when no one else would hire me - so I suppose from this journey I would say my background is problem solving, creating opportunities for myself and realising that people control this world so "people management & people understanding" is where progress lies..

2. What do you do at Allied Global Engineering?

I see my role as looking after people and making life easier for people - whether I'm talking about our founding partner Phil, or our next new team member. I also like to make sure our customers are looked after in the same way and that we have a very human, authentic communication strategy internally and externally. In business terms, this means I have a hand in most areas of the business where people nuances come into play i.e. HR, operations, sales and marketing.

3. What excites you about the Manufacturing/Engineering industry?

As a trained scientist, I can't help but love the science, creativity and daily problem solving that is required in engineering. I am also blown away by the work ethic of engineers and I have to give the teams at EGL Vaughan and XL Engineering a massive shout out here. They are the most hard working, dedicated, loyal people I have ever had the pleasure of working with and they make my job of looking after them a pleasure and a privilege.

4. What manufacturing/engineering technology would you like to see invented?

I would love for pollution management technology and agricultural technology to be a focus of the industry. I will always be super passionate about the environment and if we can contribute to solving the planets biggest problems i.e. pollution, global warming and food poverty then I would die a very happy, fulfilled woman.

5. Tell us a random fact about yourself 👀.

I'm obsessed with turtles and the ocean so my ultimate goal in life is to own a turtle conservation facility somewhere hot and beachy.


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